Posted by Jeffrey West on August 01, 2020
The Society of Mathematical Biology host its annual meeting online during the week of August 17 through 20, 2020. I served on the organizing committee of the Society for Mathematical Biology's annual meeting in 2020. My role was to design the website, which can be found at

Behind the scenes

A few 'behind the scenes' looks: I used Jekyll HTML templating to build the site. It's pretty awesome. You write little bits of HTML, and just {% include ___ %} whatever building block you need. SMB jekyll tutorial image 1 That's nice, but the real power = loops to generate HTML based on data. Check if poster, minisymposium, etc. Allow the user to filter between "all" posters or a specific subgroup. Autogenerate a custom URL (based on presenter's name). If no title, then it's "TBD". SMB jekyll tutorial image 1 Then I wrote some Matlab code to read in excel files from all submitted abstracts, and format nicely in Jekyll's preferred format. SMB jekyll tutorial image 1 It's also ok to write atrocious nested for-loops... Jekyll generates static HTML pages only once (on your local machine). It took ~5 minutes to generate the ~500 abstract pages, But the actual website never loops/searches anything! Fast as static HTML! SMB jekyll tutorial image 1
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