Posted by Jeffrey West on October 01, 2020


A software framework to visualize the isoclines of matrix games.

Read the paper.

IsoMaTrix is software package designed to aid in the construction, analysis, and visualization of three-strategy matrix games. Evolutionary game theory, a common modeling framework in math oncology, describes frequency-dependent selection for fixed, heritable strategies in a population of competing individuals using a payoff matrix. The name of the IsoMaTrix package is inspired by its computation of the isoclines (lines of zero growth) of matrix games, but the package also contains functions which visualize the replicator equation's 1) fixed points, 2) phase flow, 3) velocities, 4) trajectories, 5) regions of positive/negative strategy fitness 6) basins of attraction. IsoMaTrix contains a module extension for Hybrid Automata Library to perform simulation-based analysis and uncertainty quantification for stochastic effects in spatial matrix games. Read the paper in Bioinformatics here.

Download code from GitHub

To download it directly from the IMO GitHub pages please head over to Isomatrix examples
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