Posted by Jeffrey West on March 01, 2020

Hybrid Automata Library

Visit halloworld.org.

Image 1 HAL is a Java library that facilitates hybrid modeling (spatial models with interacting agent-based and PDE components, commonly used for oncology modeling). HAL’s components can be broadly classified into: on and off-lattice agent containers, finite difference diffusion fields, a GUI building system, and additional tools and utilities for computation and data collection. These components have a standardized interface that expedites the construction of complex models. This library has been used in several PSOC modeling efforts and has facilitated designing and sharing models at Moffitt IMO.

For complete user guide and tutorials to get started, please visit halloworld.org. For integration of HAL with clone tracing plot software EvoFreq, please read my tutorial on the Math Oncology blog.

HAL is now published in PLOS Computational Biology, click here to read the paper.
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