AACR Cover

Posted by Jeffrey West on April 01, 2020
Our article made the cover of Cancer Research! The full resolution cover image is below:

AACR Colored arcs indicate concomitant delivery of multiple targeted treatments. Subclonal evolution begins at the top, evolving clockwise in a circular Muller diagram with treatment and subsequent resistant subclonal expansion. This circular design illustrates a potential path forward to multidrug adaptive therapy, driving tumor evolution into periodic, repeatable treatment "cycles." A cycle (defined as a treatment regimen that steers the tumor to return to initial tumor composition) can be repeated ad infinitum to steer and trap tumor evolution in periodic (and controllable) dynamics. Concentric circular evolutionary diagrams represent individual patients with varied treatments available.

To view the full article, "Towards Multi-drug Adaptive Therapy" published in Cancer Research, click here.
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