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Jeffrey West

About Me

I believe in a transparent web presence, so whether you found this website via a social- or a work-related relationship with me, you will find everything here in the same place. I would expect to choose my future employer by the type of work as well as the values of the company and workers within the company. By the same token, I expect a company to invest in myself based on my work experience as well as my values, interests, hopes and dreams. Explore this site to find my social networks, side projects, goals, and my blog. I'd love to connect, so add me on any and all social media or email me at runningwest (at) gmail (dot) com.

Christian, engineer, biker, programmer who loves cats and skinny ties

I am an engineer at the University of Southern California, originally born and raised in Ohio. My passions in life are my faith in God, running, biking, programming, entrepreneurship, and connecting with people.

Ph.D. Research


Research Interests

My research is focused on computational biology modeling of cancer tumor growth. My thesis outlines the application of evolutionary game theory models of cell-cell competition and trafficking in breast cancer metastasis. My advisor, Paul Newton, is a mathematician by training, so our lab uses applied math and probabilistic techniques combined with the knowledge, skill set, and data of a group of oncologists, pathologists and surgeons at The Scripps Research Laboratory in San Diego, CA and the USC Norris Cancer Center.


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Web Applications


Breast Cancer Metastasis Transition Probabilities

In order to visualize the metastasis of breast cancer patients from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, I developed these Markov-like diagrams in d3.js. This project has since been taken over by Jeremy Mason and continued work can be found here.

Breast Cancer Pathways

Another method of visualizing the metastasis of breast cancer patients from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York is these tree ring diagrams that I developed in d3.js. This project has also been taken over by Jeremy Mason and continued work can be found here as well.



Journal Articles

  1. P. Newton, J. West, Z. Hasnain, and P. Macklin. The Prisoner's dilemma as a cancer model. Convergent Science: Physical Oncology, 2015 (submitted)
  2. P. Newton, J. West, Z. Hasnain, and P. Macklin. An evolutionary model of tumor cell kinetics and the emergence of molecular heterogeneity driving Gompertzian growth. SIAM Review, 2015 (accepted)
  3. John-David Yoder, J. West, E. Baumgartner, M. Perrollaz, M. Seelinger, M. Robinson, 2013, Experiments comparing precision of stereo-vision approaches for control of an industrial manipulator, Spring Tracts in Advanced Robotics Vol. 88 pp 245-256.

Technical Reports

  1. Jeffrey West, M. Hromatka, M. Holt, S. Biaz., 2012, A Fuzzy Logic approach to collision avoidance in smart UAVs, Technical Report #CSSE12-05, Auburn University.
  2. Jeffrey West, P. Ling, P. Grewal, 2010, Urban Food Production season extension techniques, Internship Program (ORIP) Technical Report, Ohio State University Agricultural Research and Development Center.

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Side Projects

iOS Applications


Polar Clock

One time I made an app called Polar Clock. Here's a gif of how it worked. I no longer pay for the Apple Developer program, so sadly it's currently unavailable. I learned iOS development during the summer of 2013 and worked for a brief period of time as the lead iOS Engineer at the startup Moving Analytics.


CelluWar is a two-player game based on a version of Conway's Game of life, a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. We turned this popular 'zero player game' into an enjoyable two-player iPhone app. During their turn each player may select a single cell to become 'alive' before the rules of life are executed. Some cells may live, some may die, but that's the nature of biology isn't it? CelluWar can be played with two human players or you can pit your strategy against an artificial intelligence. Once you eliminate all of the opposing player's cells, you are the winner. Defeat you enemy now! Also not currently available on the App Store. :(



Into the Image

I co-founded Into the Image with a few friends to have a place to write about the gospel of Jesus Christ and its implications on daily living. The goal of the site is to defend historical Christianity and to aid in the growth of Christians by helping them behold the glory of Christ, being transformed into His image (2 Corinthians 3:18). I built the site on the Wordpress platform. Our facebook page can be found here.

Viterbi Pulse

I'm also a writer for the USC Viterbi School of Engineering blog, called Viterbi Pulse. I blog on my everyday life as a Ph.D. student. The purpose of the blog is to give a more personal perspective and insight into life in Viterbi to the visitors of the blog, who may be prospective students.

Web Development


Color Wheel of Life

I built this one weekend to help ease the boredom and practice my d3.js skills. I'm fascinated by all things productivity related. I read an article once about the daily routines of creativity people (Pablo Picasso, Voltaire, etc.) and was surprised at the high variance of their routines. Some successful people arise early, others are complete night owls. I built this tool to help track my own days.